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Why use it?

Advanced technology meeting the needs of today's environmental demands

Weed-IT, with unique optic sensors, first launched in 1997 has become the most environmentally efficient method of weed control, with a typical chemical reduction of 70% being made. Many Local Authorities have not only been able to achieve their environmental objective of reducing pesticide use, but have also seen improvements in their overall weed control programmes.

Reduce Herbicide use:

  • Reduces the risk to the operator from herbicide contamination.
  • Reduces both the real and perceived negative environmental impact of herbicide application, especially on hard surfaces.
  • Provides the risk reduction measures necessary to satisfy the requirements of COSHH assessment and environmental risk assessment better than any other system.

The shrouded spray head:

  • Minimises the risk of spray drift and off-target contamination.
  • Greatly reduces concern and negative comments from members of the public.
  • Allows spraying to continue when the weather would mean that alternative application equipment would have to stop.

Computer controlled herbicide application:

  • Allows the operator to give a far greater part of his/her attention to the safe operation of the machine.
  • Provides the highest levels of accuracy in herbicide application.
  • Ensures that herbicides are always applied at the correct rates.
  • Minimises waste.

And from a safety point of view?

  • When comparing Weed-IT with alternative application equipment the risk of operator and public exposure to herbicide contamination is greatly reduced and the accuracy of herbicide application is improved.
  • When comparing Weed-IT with quad bike application the risk of overturn and collision are greatly reduced through the use of a purpose-built (or commercially available) carrier unit which is stable, highly manoeuvrable, has top speed strictly regulated and allows the operator to apply his/her full attention to driving safely in public areas. If additional attention to detail necessities the use of a hand lance this can be achieved much more safely than when using a quad bike.


By using Weed-IT Complete Weed Control can provide:

  • An unsurpassed level of weed control.
  • The highest levels of personal, public and environmental safety.
  • A 'public friendly' method of herbicide application.
  • A better means of meeting the aims and objective of your organisation’s environmental policy.
  • Cost-effective, safe solutions to your weed control problems and a better public environment.



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Weed-IT will help your organisation demonstrate its commitment to complying with future EU herbicide reduction strategies.