Weed-It: Weed Economical Eradication Detection - Intelligent Technology

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What is it?

Complete Weed control has now firmly established Weed-IT, as the most advanced application equipment currently available for weed control on pavements and hard surfaces.

Computer Controlled Spot Weeding Technology

Weed IT is a computer controlled herbicide application system specifically designed for use on footpaths and other hard surface areas. The system consists of a shrouded spraying head mounted on the front of a purpose built (or commercially available), articulated carrier vehicle. Within the shrouded had are sensor units and spray nozzles.

The sensor units detect the presence of weeds and trigger the appropriate spray nozzles to apply accurately the correct amount of herbicide just to those weeds and their immediate surroundings. This results in very high levels of weed control coupled with greatly reduced herbicide usage, all with greater safety for the operator and public alike.

  • Targets only the weed
  • Chemical savings of 60 – 80%
  • Spray canopy allows operation in windy conditions
  • Reduced exposure equals safety to bystanders and operator
  • Productivity between 30-50 km x 1 meter per day
  • Improves public perception of weed control
  • Enables local authorities to meet objectives of their environmental policies

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