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Through a national network Complete Weed Control offers a comprehensive weed control service throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland

This technology is exclusive to Complete Weed Control and enables us to target our herbicide application very accurately to just those weeds present at the time. In comparison with other application methods this accurate targeting will achieve a dramatic reduction in the amount of herbicide used (up to 65% saving).

The shrouded boom of Weed-IT also ensures that there can be no spray drift even in what would normally be considered to be unfavourable spraying conditions. No other technology currently available can achieve such dramatic reduction in pesticide use and at the same time provide important personal and environmental safety benefits.

Complete Weed Control can help solve all your ground care worries, saving you money and labour as well as enhancing the natural attributes of your establishment.

Established for over 35 years, Complete Weed Control offers a specialist contract service for the eradication of all problem weeds, whatever their solution.

Experience plays a major factor in successful treatment. Knowing when and how to apply the appropriate herbicide can speed up eradication, saving time and money.

From airfields to zoos, stately homes to highways, we deliver fast, efficient and timely support to clients with a variety of needs. With our objective and honest approach, we offer the most comprehensive weed control in the UK.

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